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beatriz olivares
CAN JONDAL - Permaculture Academy Ibiza
CAN JONDAL - Permaculture Academy Ibiza


Beatriz Olivares Beatriz Olivares

Born in 1947 in France, after may 1968, Beatriz decided to emigrate from her home country to live in a place near the nature, open to her social interests and ecological feelings.

She lives in the countryside practicing agriculture and being committed during several years in rural cooperativism through “Cooperativa unió es nostro camp” and in trade union issues with “Sindicat unió des pagesos” and founded with other members the Ibiza Rural Savings Bank (Caixa Rural d’Eivissa).

While being responsible for the environmental area within Izquierda Unida, she continued her experience in the country with intensive agriculture inside greenhouses, and ecological agriculture afterwards.

In 2003, she discovers permaculture, which opens in her new horizons as in the way the earth was worked as well as in the social commitment that leads her to found and be the president of the Asociación de Permacultura de Ibiza where she begins to teach courses on permaculture design.

Afterwards, she founds the Permacultur Academy Ibiza - Can Jondal where she works at present and teaches permaculture courses.

Nowadays, Beatriz is also committed with a civic movement called Ibiza Isla en Transición and leads a permaculture project in Gambia, Africa.

Beatriz Olivares
Beatriz founded the Academia de Permacultura Can Jondal where she works and teaches permaculture courses, she also leads a permaculture project in Gambia, Africa. and is now committed the civic movement IBIZA TRANSITION ISLAND.

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